Terms and Conditions
In purchasing a ticket, I acknowledge and agree with the following terms and conditions:
1. Tickets are non-refundable nor transferable.
2. Whilst every attempt is made to honour all bookings, the Rattler Railway Company (“the Rattler”) reserves the right to alter events, timetables or locomotives without prior notice.
3. The Rattler does not accept any responsibility for other travellers’ arrangements or costs associated as a result of any cancellation of services or timetable alterations.
4. The operation of the steam locomotive is subject to weather conditions, total fire ban, volunteer driver availability or situations out of the control of the Rattler.
5. At times there may be an operational necessity to change the scheduled engine.
6. Should the Rattler be unable to run a specific train/event, the Rattler reserves the right to substitute another train from the Mary Valley Rattler fleet, either steam, diesel or electric. However, if this is not possible, a full refund will be given. In this instance, the Rattler will notify you of the cancellation by email.
7. In the event a potential safety issue is identified by a qualified Rail Safety Worker, the Rattler reserves the right to immediately cease the movement of the train and arrange for passengers to be removed to a safe location.
8. If you are travelling with another party on a different booking, please note this in special requirements at the time of booking (or phone us) to assist us in seating you together.
9. The Rattler will not be held responsible for passenger items or valuables stored on site.
10. You are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverages onto the train, except if purchased from the Rattler station on the day.
11. The Rattler practices the Responsible Serving of Alcoholic Beverages. Accordingly, service and/or travel on the train, either at the commencement of, or during, the forward or return journey, may be refused to any person who shows signs of excessive intoxication.
12. The Rattler reserves the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed a risk to themselves and or other passengers for whatever reason.
13. Smoking is not permitted on the train, platforms or under any roofed areas.
14. Standing and walking on the tracks is not permitted.
15. From time to time, the Rattler, or other parties authorised by the Rattler, carries out photography and/or video recording on its premises, which may feature visitors. By booking passage, you agree that the Rattler, or any authorised party, may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material, in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with the Rattler or such authorised party (as the case may be).
16. The Rattler is adhering to current government restrictions in relation to COVID-19. Guests and passengers must adhere to safe practice and social distancing as required.
17. These terms and conditions will be held binding for both parties unless a Force Majeure event occurs that stops services from running. These events can include natural disasters, Government intervention, epidemics and pandemics.
Due to the heritage nature of the rail experience
18. The Rattler does not have facilities to provide for, or accommodate, highchairs or prams and there are no bottle warming facilities.
19. Prams and wheelchairs will not fit through the doorways of all of the carriages and some exhibits are accessible only by stairs.
20. Access and egress from the carriages requires the ability to climb stairs and safely negotiate the gap between the platform and the carriage. We are unable to provide manual assistance to board the carriages. Please note in your booking process if you have requirements in regard to assistance with boarding.
21. The Rattler has capacity for some wheelchair access. Bookings must be made by phone. Please call the Station directly (07) 5482 2750 to check availability.
22. Air conditioning is not available in the carriages.
23. You may be exposed to coal dust whilst at the stations or onboard the train. You should not purchase a ticket if you suffer from any lung condition that this might exacerbate.
24. A limited number of toilets are available on-board a few of the Rattler’s carriages. If I anticipate that I will need to use a toilet during the trip I will ask a staff member if seating in these carriages is available prior to boarding. Otherwise, toilets can be found at the stations.
25. The heritage fleet complies with all relevant safety standards, however the carriages include heritage features such as windows, steps, etc. Guests must ensure they listen to the directions of the train crew and read the safety notice in relation to safe travel, including the use of windows and remaining seated whilst the train is in motion
Special terms and conditions for passengers travelling with pets
26. You will be travelling in our Guards Van which has no access to on board facilities such as toilets, beverage cart and on board volunteer attendant.
27. Your pet must be on lead at all times.
28. Your pet must be currently registered.
29. You must be in control of your pet/s at all times and exercise safe management around other guests.
30. You must bring plastic bags to manage your pet and ensure you clean up after it.
31. There is a maximum of two pets travelling in each compartment from one family/social group.
32. You will be travelling as a social group so no social distancing can be adhered to in the compartment.

Right to refusal
The Rattler reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse admission to its premises and ban from entry to the railway, or remove from the railway, any person who:
• Fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions.
• Has been convicted of a criminal offence, which, in the opinion of the Rattler, is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors.
• Has behaved on railway premises in a manner, which, in the opinion of the Rattler has, or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors.
• Uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way, provokes or behaves in a manner, which may provoke a breach of the peace.
• Does not follow the written or verbal safety instructions or behaves in a manner which may endanger the safety of the individual or other visitors on railway premises.

I acknowledge that in consideration of, and as a condition of the acceptance by the Rattler of my entry into the train station or upon any part of a train including locomotives and passenger carriages (“the Activity”), I hereby waive (and on behalf of my successors, assigns, executors and administrators) all claims for liability against the Rattler and its servants or agents in any capacity, whether employed or volunteer (“the Releasees”), and release the Rattler and its servants or agents from all liability.

‘Liability’ means liability in tort or contract for any death, personal injury, or damage to property where such liability arises because of participation in the Activity.

I acknowledge and agree that:
• I will always comply with the instructions of the train crew.
• I have read and understand this waiver of my legal rights.
• This waiver covers each activity and event in which I participate hereafter and may be pleaded as an indemnity in relation to any claim that may arise there from.
• If I purchase the ticket on behalf of a child, then I certify that I have the legal responsibility for this child participant and do consent and agree, not only to his/her release of the Rattler and the Releasees but also agree to release and indemnify the Releasees from all liabilities incidental to the child participant’s involvement in the Activity. I will ensure that the child participant understands and obeys all safety directions.