Support a Sleeper

From AUD $100.00
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Support a Sleeper and keep the Historic Mary Valley Rattler on track.

The Mary Valley Rattler steam train service in Queensland’s Gympie region has played a massive role in the evolution of the area over the past 114 years, and now fans of heritage railways can become part of the Rattler’s future story by supporting a railway sleeper.

Great railways are built and run on their wooden sleepers, and to become an integral part of the tourism icon’s operation, the Mary Valley Rattler is offering the opportunity to support a responsibly sourced, certified timber sleeper.

One of Rattler’s biggest challenges is maintaining the 25km of track, including renewal of 42,500 sleepers. Each sleeper is sourced and milled through Mary Valley Timbers, which complies with strict environmental standards, ensuring sustainable practices for the timber industry.

By supporting a sleeper, you will not only have the satisfaction of being part of a century-plus history, but you will also receive recognition through a personalised certificate and have your name (or your company’s) displayed at the Historic Gympie Station.

The Support a Sleeper is available for just $100, and as a not-for-profit community organisation, your donation is tax-deductible.